A downloadable game for Windows

Are you ready to swing?

Swing on the ropes and see how far can you go.

This game is made in UE5 and uses dynamic lighting extensively, so it might perform worse on older machines. Try lowering Resolution Scale in Options if you have performance issues.

Touch a rope to grab it, but try to aim for the carabiner at the end — perfect hits allow you to preserve all your speed on contact. But you have to be very precise — perfect hit won't register if you used mid-air boost to course-correct.

At the moment, there is a training level and an Endless mode, where you can try to go as far and as fast as you can.


WASD - Swing, steer
Mouse - Look around
Space - Release rope
Shift - Mid-air boost (you can bind it to Space in the options)
LMB/E - Hook (for big carabiners with orange circles appearing around them.)
R - Hold to restart
V - Switch between camera views

Gamepad input works too, although in-game tutorial will only show keyboard bindings. For XBOX controllers:
Left Thumbstick - Swing, steer
Right Thumbstick - Look around
A - Release rope
B - Mid-air boost
Trigger Buttons - Hook
Y - Hold to restart
Shoulder Buttons - Switch between camera views

Soundtrack on Bandcamp: https://lqfp.bandcamp.com/track/swang-song-nwrwlk-official-ost

Dito Seregin: https://twitter.com/terzalo
Nick Shikhachevskiy: https://www.instagram.com/lqfp_post/

Third-party attributions are listed on game's credits page.


NVRWLK — Windows 64 172 MB
(Old) NVRWLK — Jam Version — Windows 64 298 MB
HoudiniAssets.zip 4 MB

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The tutorial and Perfect Hit notes are very helpful! This is fun, addicting, and a bit challenging too! I find that trying to chain Perfect Hit combos is kind of hard and maybe not always ideal. I often find myself just a hair too low for the carabiner! Also, the parts of the cave where the altitude drops past a hook point has ended many of my runs, haha.


Good game. I manage to encounter some bugs, but still fun to play, nonetheless.