Post-Jam Update

Hello there!

The voting period for Houdini Game Jam 2022 has ended, which means uploads are unlocked and I can finally release an update for NVRWLK!

First of all, most game-breaking bugs are fixed! No more hooking to a random point a kilometer away or plummeting down from a rope just because you clicked LMB.

I also spent quite a lot of time to make the game much prettier! The environment around you changes as you travel through the level — from a calm underground lake to a lava river to a caustic green fog. The ropes are much more bendy now and also vary in color. Character animation was updated to be more stable and better reflect your input and game physics.

There is much more stuff in this update that I already forgot I added — go check it out! And if you still can't figure out how to move around and gain speed, stick around! I'm planning to add a tutorial/training area in a future update. I really like how this movement system feels when you master it, and I want to share the fun with others, but right now it's kind of hard to learn!


NVRWLK — Windows 64 183 MB
Jul 19, 2022


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