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IMPORTANT: There is a bug which sometimes doesn't spawn you in the right place, so you have no box to kick. If this happens, just restart.

You are trapped on a space station in zero gravity, and you don't have any ways to propel yourself but your arms and your legs!


Move mouse to look around
Left Mouse Button — Hold to grab orange handles
Left Mouse Button — Click to interact with objects and attach to yellow surfaces for walking

Space — Kick walls and objects around you to gain impulse
Space — Jump away from the surface when walking
Q — Rotate 180 degrees (useful for aiming before using the kick)
R — Restart from last checkpoint (when dead)
Escape — Open pause menu


The game is designed for mouse and keyboard input.
You can start holding the left mouse button before you can physically reach the handle. It will be grabbed automatically when possible as long as you hold the button down.
Avoid going too fast — the impact can kill you!
Magboots will lose grip if there is a strong force pulling you.
You will not be able to walk then.
You can't kick while walking with magboots.


Sounds from freesound.org:

06 - Mecanismo sube by MichaelGillighan
Breaker-1 by Deathscyp
Taser/High Voltage discharge by The_Chemical_Workshop
Fan by Deathbygeko
Metal Impact and Scraping Spring by ryanconway
book-impact-02 by Tritus
pluck_can 06 tinny bass by Ayavaron
Washing Machine door by lharman94
Metal Footsteps by mypantsfelldown
Air (or steam) pressure release by brunoboselli
Heavy Impacts by RICHERlandTV
Machine_Handicap Lift.wav by ravenizer
sfx_seatbelt warning_auto.wav by bajko
spook ambience interior.wav by IanStarGem
ambience 3.wav by IanStarGem
ambience 4.wav by IanStarGem
Big Factory Fan Ambience by IanStarGem
Swing de hacha.wav by Josethehedgehog


Slipping by Luis Prado from the Noun Project
Fan by SBTS from the Noun Project
Arrow by Harli wafa from the Noun Project
Human by Andrejs Kirma from the Noun Project
Boot by Nociconist from the Noun Project

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorDito Seregin
TagsSpace, Zero Gravity


Zero Grace — Post-Jam Update — Windows 64 180 MB
(Old) Zero Grace — Jam Version — Windows 64 223 MB
Houdini Assets 3 MB

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Amazing game, love it very much! Can we hope for more?

Thanks! I'm not working on it right now, but I'm interested in exploring this concept further


i like it


Really enjoyed the game the feeling of weightlessness and throwing myself off arm zones was great.
took me a bit to solve the end part it has the potential to have  more puzzles just on its own witch is great keep up good work

Thank you!


This was really good and fun and I appreciate the inclusion of audio in this. I liked the level/environment design as well.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! There's way fewer sounds in the game than I would prefer, but I'm glad you liked what's there!


If you have a shortage of sounds, I could probably share some links to the several annual FREE GameAudioGDC bundles from Sonniss.

Might be overkill though.


This is really good! It was fun and even with the element of dying it's not frustrating, which is hard to do. I hope that the creator will work more on this project and maybe release the full game someday. the only thing that needs a little more polishing is the menu and the GUI.

Thank you!


I really enjoyed this, it's incredibly fun to mess around in the zero-g environment. 

Regardless of the result of the game jam, if you're able to continue to flesh out this concept I recommend you do so. I think it has so much potential, I can imagine anything from a longer game with more Zero-G puzzles, to an acrobatic score based game, even an authentic Zero-G fps.

I wish the best of luck with the game jam, and any future projects you work on.

- Joeopolis   

Thank you very much!


Cool little game, simple, fun and short. I liked it, keep it up!


Thank you!