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This game was created for GBJAM 7.

No Down To Go is a weird monochromatic space sim game. You arrive at the infamous Anomaly in your old little Flea spaceship. Your goal is to reach the Anomaly, which is no easy task due to deadly radiation it spits out into the space.

This game doesn't show you where you should go next, so you might stuck. There are some tips further down here. I also wrote a comment featuring a full walkthrough.

Keyboard control mapping:

WASD — D-pad
Left Mouse Button — A button
Right Mouse Button — B button
E — Select
Enter — Start

Ship controls:

A (LMB) — Move forward
B (RMB) — Brake
A+B — Move backwards
D-pad (WASD) — Pitch and Roll
D-pad with A pressed — Pitch and Yaw
D-pad with B pressed — Lateral movement

In menu:

A — Accept
B — Back

Tips for playing

Stay in asteroid shadows and plan your every move. If you pick a bad trajectory, it's harder to correct it when you're already going.

Use giant girder constructions to orient yourself in space. Remember their shapes to recognize places where you have already been.

Some spaceships have logs. Reading them might be helpful.

When you do certain things, the game will change how your respawn in case of death. This preserves some of the progress you made, but this does not persist between game launches. If you close the game, next time you start at the beginning.

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AuthorDito Seregin
TagsGame Boy, GBJam, Space, Space Sim


NoDownToGo.zip 92 MB


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Walkthrough! If you're stuck, here's what you are supposed to do:

  1. Reach the square "gate", hopping from asteroid to asteroid to hide from radiation
  2. To go closer to the Anomaly past the big tripod construction you should get a better ship. Move towards either X or 4/h shape and collect Metal Plates from the ships you pass.
  3. Near those structures you will find Moth ships. You will need 20 Metal Plates to repair and board either.
  4. Moth ship have level 2 radiation shield, so going closer to the Anomaly is safer. Go back to the tripod and move to the closest asteroid towards the Anomaly. It's a rather long jump, so aim nicely to avoid damage.
  5. Moving forward, you will probably pass an I-shaped construction and notice the Monarch ship. It needs 10 Lead and 20 Metal Plates to repair. You don't have the Lead, so move further to the T-shaped construction.
  6. Near it, you will discover the Junebug ship. Repair it with 15 Metal Sheets and board it.
  7. This is the mining ship. You can use it to extract Lead from asteroids using B button (RMB). Be careful, this ship's shield is Class I, so you have to make very quick and short jumps between asteroids.
  8. As soon as you have 10 lead, go back to your Moth and travel to the Monarch ship near the I-structure.
  9. Repair the Monarch and board it. This ship has a Magnetometer - it shows how far you are from Anomaly's magnetic poles. You have to find the area where the + sign on the magnetometer is in center of the circle and the circle is lit up. Move between asteroids and pay attention to how the + sign moves.
  10. After you found the pole, make sure your shield is fully charged and dive down straignt at the Anomaly. Radiation near the poles is weaker, so you should be able to reach the Anomaly.

That's it! Thanks for playing!