Your ship crashed into an asteroid field. Use your escape pod to reach the rescue ship!


  • A/D to rotate the pod
  • W to accelerate
  • R to restart
  • T to rebuild the level
  • Escape/Backspace to suspend the game

This game was originally created for One Hour Game Jam #222. This is an updated version with a little more work put into it. You can play the original version at my website.

Sounds created with bfxr.

AuthorDito Seregin
Made withBfxr, Audacity
Tags2D, Asteroids, Physics, Space, Zero Gravity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Escape pods? The Death Star does not need escape pods!


A great little short game.


Simple but cool.

I like this style. Space, wired graphics and easy to run, without unity loading (=

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm jealous! I like these little ideas and I'm amazed with this (-: Great work!
And its hard :D


Cool!  I'm impressed with how it handles weird-sized monitors at full-screen.

Have you tried jfxr?  Even easier and cooler than bfxr.  :)

Thank you! :)

jfxr looks great, thanks!


If you like that sort of thing, there is also Chiptone: which is pretty much the same, but with a fancy interface.