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The Heart of the Forest is an adventure game loosely based on slavic mythology. You play as Yaga, the Forest's guardian, on a mission to free the Heart of the Forest from the evil that's corrupting it.

We didn't have enough time to give this idea justice, but we plan to add the missing elements in the near future . If you're interested in this project and its progress - follow our Itch.io page or this twitter account!



Pre-made assets:

Ground texture from a previous game project.

Third-party assets:

Top Down Game Template
RuslanDisplay font
Sonniss.com - GDC 2018 - Game Audio Bundle
    Elemental - Powder Movement_6
    Elemental - Water Bubbles Big_4
    GORE - Head_Explode_6
    GORE - WEAP - Shovel_Whoosh_Impact_Gore_1
    Monster Bite 3
    Ambience, Forest, Birds, Distant Walla, Owl Howling SND4942
    Ambience, Nature, Pond, Crickets, Frogs, Drips, Distant Traffic SND2801
    Ambience, Night, Birds, Hoots, Crickets 1 SND0461
    Ambience, Night, Crickets, Birds, Close Frog Calls 1 SND0465
    Creature, Monster, Roar SND0730
    Design, Whoosh 6 SND3604 2
    Design, Whoosh 6 SND3604 3.1
    Door, Lock, Metal Rattle, Short SND7605
    Earthquake, Impact, Crack 03 SND13429
    Earthquake, Impact, Crack 05 SND13427
    Earthquake, Rumble, Passby 03 SND13406
    Footsteps, Dirt, Dry, Sneaker, Fast SND1035
    Human, Voice, Beast, Heavy Breathing, Pitchdown -12st 23 SND9385 3
    Human, Voice, Beast, Heavy Breathing, Pitchdown -24st 4 SND9212
    Underwater, Bubble, Pass By, Hard Panning SND12424 1
    Weapons, Blade, Gore, Slash 02 SND13222
Short Click/Snap Perc by waveplay
Mixamo animations


Dmitry Seregin (https://twitter.com/terzalo) - Programming, Texturing
Alina Israfilova (http://alinaisrafilova.tumblr.com/) - Character Design, 2D Art, 3D Modelling
Nick Shikhachevskiy (https://www.behance.net/nshikhachee59e) - Music, Sound Design
Vasily Ovsyankin - 3D Modelling


SpaceSkeletonsAndCo_TheHeartOfTheForest.zip 309 MB

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