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man this game has untouched potential

sad that its this small, this would make an amazing full game

yes is good please add more

can you release any early builds (I noticed it's name is NegativeSpace not "hammer_space"), so do you have any unused content or early builds?

Aside from the "Jam Version" - not really. It was only made in a week, so there were many cut ideas, but most of what we had time to make went into the game.


such a fun game, the concept is great, I love this so much!

This is amazing. I really hope you decide to continue the concept one day

This game is really fun but I just have one question: How do I get the second and third star? I see the star icons pained on the walls of the last few rooms but hitting them doesn't do anything, and I don't see anything when I go into the walls behind them.


I don't think I can mark text as spoilers in the comments, so... the painted stars are more of a hint than a pointer to where the stars are hidden.

If you just want to see where the stars are and how to get them, this run by brainsnug is a good demonstration:

Thank you

The Doom inspired out of bounds effect is really cool

Is this a Valve/Half Life inspired game?


Yes, a lot of inspiration came from fiddling around in SDK tools for GoldSrc and Source games!


Played this after funky mentioned it. I don't know if I want to see more reset-puzzles or glitchy movement tech.

Me too, me too..


Awesome game! Any chance there'll be more?

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Make a mode where the guards don't know how to use a gun so instead of shooting you they just stare at you menacingly. The new mode should also make it so that you can't fall into the void when stepping out of bounds.


What a cool idea for a game mechanic! Can't wait to see more.


This is a really interesting and solid foundation, I can't wait for more


 this game is fun :D

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I love the concept of the game. It's pretty fun so far and it reminds me of Portal, one of my all time favorites. I would love to play a longer version.


In love the idea of this game! I'm very impressed and it's also fun and eerie! Keep it up 🙌

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Absolutely in love with this. One of the most fun games to route and play through in years.


The game is very original. The idea of the hammer to generate bugs in the game and that being part of the strategy is something that impressed.

It is also a very fun game. Congratulations!! 


really fun and unique mechanics in this and the level design uses them really well! would love to see this expanded with some more levels someday

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amazing, realy want to see a full version of this idea!


This game is so much fun, really nice to play! Interesting mechanics~

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Very fun!  Thank you so much for sharing your art.  I am really impressed with how outside the box you thought for this game, and I had a great time with it.   If you want to see some of my gameplay, you can click on my thumbnail below and it'll take you to my Youtube!


Thank you Nathan!